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Dr.F:On this page,we will carry opinions and thoughts about iPS cells and ES cells of our management!!  


Dr.F:Then,let's speak opinion about iPS cells.

The topic for discussion:The way of practical use of iPS cells,and the future

Dr.T:I think iPS cells is great,but I am slightly fearful that there is a possibility of getting a cancer.

Dr.F:Certainly.As long as this problem isn't solved,Putting to practical use may be difficult.

Dr.KI hope to solve the problem quickly, and to put to practical use!

Dr.T:Even if the risk to be cancer is gone,a new problem may come out,doesn't it?

Dr.K:We'll think about it when the time comes.

Dr.F:Not only such negative opinions,let's think about positive opinions!
   For example,scenes of using iPS cells except for medical treatment. And so on.

Dr.T:human clones and so on?

Dr.K:Certainly in Japan,it is illegality to make human clones.

Dr.F:If we use badly iPS cells, human clones will be made and it will be abused.

Dr.K:If there are human clone,it is inconvenience because there are also the same two persons man,isn't it?

Dr.T:What?It just?Because the fingerprint is also the same,it is easy to break security.And stealing personal information is easy.There is such a worry,isn't it?

Dr.F:I don't think that it will change even if it develops the argument more. So once it is finished!!

The conclusion

I think it is good to continue researching iPS cells. And I think it is good that the fault is gone.But I can feel relieved by working out countermeasures about something not to abuse iPS cells.

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