Stem Cells Department

Kinds of Stem Cell Section

Kinds of Stem Cell Section 

Person begin from only one cell,a fertilized egg.We said it in The Relationship Between Cell and Person Section.

So you know,a fertilized egg is a totipotency stem cell.But it is lost when it repeat a split.

We are going to learn about iPS cells and Embryonic Stem cell after this.

They are called "pluripotent stem cell".Becaue they have multipotency,to be most of cells except a placenta.

iPS cell and Embryonic Stem cell are called "pluripotent stem cell" so they are one of stem cells.

But they aren't our nature dignity.

Stem cells have many kinds and each has important work.

For example hematopoietic stem cells to make white blood corpuscle and red blood corpuscle.

Neural stem cells to make nerve etc...

Under here the picture shows kinds of stem cells crealy.

You know about kinds of stem cells?
Finish the induction course in this department.

Then we'll do check exam about stem cells.

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