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The Regeneration Capacity Section

We are going to do an induction course one of skills which having cells.

Do you know a lizard?Their tail will grow many times over when it is cut.

It mean that their tail's cells have high regeneration capacity.

But there is an animal which has higher regeneration capacity than lizard in the earth.

It's planarians!!(It's a photo of the planarian under here.)

Ofcorse our body are reproducing,too.We can see it our hair.

I think you know that hair are growing.That's it!

All cells of planarian's body have high regeneration capacity.

So they can reproduce if cut anywhere.

But person can't reproduce our body when it is cut.Because cells which are making our body only have low regeneration capacity.

I think you know that hair are growing.That's it!

The key of regeneration capacity is a stem cell!!We will do induction course about stem sell next section.

Let's go next!!

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