iPS Cells Department

The Faults of iPS Cells Section

In this department,studying about faults of iPS cells will be carried out.

「"I understood about genes needed to initialize,but I cannot understand why initialization carried out!"

This is one of faults of iPS cells.

Because of rearranging genes forcibly, there is not only this thing but also another faults that there are a possibility that after transplanting to patients,informations of genes is destroyed,and cells will be cancer cells,and the part will be cancer.

We will explain about it.

Retroviral vectors cut genes which cells has and enter its own genes.

The result,work of the genes which existed from the outset is lost,and if worst comes to worst,important genes is lost and cells will be cancerous.

Many the way to make iPS cells with using other carrier or chemical substance without using retroviral vectors was developed,and new researches is being carried out even now.

Now,the department of iPS cells was finished.

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