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The Merits of iPS Cells Section

In this department, studying about merits of iPS cells will be carried out.

iPS cells differ from ES cells,and it is one of merits of iPS cells that you don't have to care about ethical problems.

The second of merits of it is height of characteristics and faculties.

Moreover,there are the merit that rejections is difficult to happen when it was transplnted a patient actually.

Because iPS cells is made of a patient's cells,and the gene agree with patient's.

How will iPS cells which have many merits carve the future from now on?

We think we want to take a look with the eye of medical treatment.

There are three usage that iPS cells will be useful for the medical treatment.

The first is regenerative medicine.

Considered that possibly it will be able to make internal organs and tissues which we want to transplant by iPS cells and it can be substituted for patient's thing damaged.

The second is investigation of causes of illnesses.

Considered that we can find causes of illnesses by making iPS cells of patients who has illness which is not known the way to develop, and by researching abnormal thing happening in patients, and by researching processes of bringing abnormal thing.

The third is development of new drugs.

Considered that we can research toxicity,effect,side effects and so on by putting substance of candidate for drug into patient's cells which is being happened abnormal thing.

Studying in this department is completed.

Did you understand the merits and the usages of iPS cells?

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