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The Discoveries of Yamanaka Factors Section

In this department,studying about the discoveries of Yamanaka factors will be carried out.

Dr.Yamanaka's researching started from pinpointing proteins which is necessary to initialize cells (to return such the state as fertilized eggs) as you have studied in the research department of Dr.Yamanaka.

However,he did not know even how many protein is necessary to format it in those days.

Then,he made a list of one hundred proteins which work actively in ES cells,and he decided to look for in the list.

It took no less than four years to narrow down protein which is necessary from 100 to 24.

The following pictures is the process that he narrowed down vital protein to initialize from 24 to 4.

@No at least one piece happens initialization

AInitialization happens if 24 all

BWhich genes is really necessary?

CSucceeded in narrowing 4 vital protein

You understood what Yamanaka factors is,didn't you?

Then,let's go to the next department!

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