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Problem of Embryonic Stem Cell Section

We are going to do an induction course about problem of Embryonic Stem sell.

One of problems in embryonic stem cell is logic.

  Logic is validity of thinking.   

Because it uses fertilized eggs made for infertility treatment.

That egg is present from succeeded patients.

But the egg is break when we make embryonic stem cell.

So people who think that a fertilized egg has life are againsting it.

We also don't know it is necessary to help patients instead of breaking fertilized eggs which is source to make life.

Rather,it may be better to produce new lives.

The second ploblem is "rejection".

Patients who is transplanted cells is transplanted the cells which is completely no relationship with himself ,I mean "foreign body" because as I said a short while ago,ES cells made of the fertilized eggs which have not been necessary by infertility treatment.

There is worry of the rejection.

There is not worry of the rejection.

If there is the same ES cells as patient's,it is perfect for transplantation.

It seems difficult to solve the problem of ES cells.

Studying in this department is completed.Did you understand about the problem of ES cells?

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