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The Cell Function Section

  Our company is going to do an induction course about function of cells.

Cells not only has complicated organization but also they are many kinds and has some functions each.

We will introduce about functions of 4 cells that is in person's body.

This cell is making muscles to move hands and foots.
It sticks to the bone.
We can do some actions like walk and and run because this cell's telescopic motion.

Skeletal Muscle Cell

The skin divides inside of body and outside of body and protectes it.
It has a function to feel many stimulation because it supports skin. So this cell is called "third brain".

Skin cell

The structure protecting body from illness is called immunization.
Plasma cells are the member of the strcture.This cell secrete substance to do detoxication extraneois material,for example bacteria and toxin. And it protects body.
Plasma Cell

There are many lamellas inside of small instestine.
There are absorptive epithelial cells to absord nutrition all over.
There also has a cell getting out mucosa to protect face of small instestine.
Small Intestinal Cell

It's all over to do an induction course in this department.

So we are going to have some exams to check this induction course.

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