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The Organization of Cell Section

We are going to do an induction course about the organization of cells.

I said it,"cell is a small lump." But it isn't a average lump.

The small lump has many things.

The picture which is under here represents an organizaton of cell.

Cell membrane divides outside and cell.It made from lipid in the main.

There are divided place center of the piture.

That is cell nucleus.It has very important things for person,genetic information.

The cell nucleus is very important place,so inside of the cell nucleus is called cytoplasm.

Nunclear pore is one of the thing making cell nucleus.

It is a way to deriver substance between cytoplasm and cell nucleus.

By the way,a kind of creature is made of only one cell.

An adult person is made of about 60trillions cells.

A cell is 1/50〜1/100mm,so we cann't see it without use a microscope.

Do you understand about the organization of cell perfectly,don't you?

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